Like the recent introduction of Personal Insolvency Arrangements to Ireland, Vanessa E Foran is one of the Insolvency Service of Ireland’s more recent Insolvency Practitioners, and Recovery Partners is one of Ireland’s younger firms.

An A.C.C.A. prizewinner, Vanessa brings a 20 year career in Financial Accounting from across a wide variety of sectors to this new Regulated Discipline. A former Financial Controller in a number of prestigious organisations, Vanessa, now also v.pip, has accumulated an experience and technical accounting skills portfolio that is still sought after at Executive and Board Level.  This background promotes Vanessa to be best placed at managing people and their cash flows; and to find the optimal calibration in the Debtor Creditor relationship.

A committed and talented professional, Vanessa is also a former educator and advocate for professional accountancy.

As a more recently minted Personal Insolvency Practitioner, Vanessa E Foran brings even more to the Insolvency landscape; she can unwind the complex files of data, decipher regulations and conditions, and navigate the intricate webs of financial transactions, and convert it all into plain and understandable language.

Vanessa E Foran, Personal Insolvency Practitioner,( or just plain v.pip!) will take what may be insurmountable and overwhelming, and transform it into a realistic and achievable plan.

Recovery Partners is the founding stone of Vanessa’s future as a Personal Insolvency Practitioner.  She is committed to Recovery Partners as its Senior, Principle, and Founding Partner.  Recovery Partners will be the mantle for all personal insolvency activity undertaken by Vanessa, and will remain an Insolvency Practice.

Recovery Partners is a mobile and flexible practice and is available to meet with distressed debtors from all over Ireland.  Follow @vef_pip and stay informed of possible pop up locations more convenient to you.

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Vanessa E. Foran

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